Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #12

Having put aside / bookmarked / shared / re-visited various links over the last month, and not published any of them here, I decided to make this ‘shout-out’ an in-case-you-missed-it edition. I mean, Cannes is a distant memory now, it is last month’s news and this month’s cleared internet cache. For some of us, that is. Anyway, take some time out of your extremely busy schedule to put your feet up to some of this:

>> The Women in Noah Baumbach’s Films: Gentleness as Strength
by Arielle Bernstein, Press Play

>> 10 Great British Summer Films
by Samuel Wigley, BFI

>> Watch A Jean-Luc Godard Homage in Blue, White and Red
by Max Winter, Press Play

>> The Importance of Theme: Film-making Lessons from Paul Thomas Anderson
by William Dickerson, Film Slate

>> Oscar Podcast Episode 81: Talking Cannes, Mad Max & the Oscar Race
by Sasha Stone, Awards Daily

And for those who Cannes’t let go:

>> Wide-Angle – Overview of Women’s Cinema at Cannes
by Tarik Khaldi, Festival de Cannes

>> Sasha Stone’s Cannes Diary – This and Previous Years
at Awards Daily

>> Nathaniel Rogers’ Cannes Coverage
at The Film Experience


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