Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #17

In the midst of a rather grueling, but stupendously worthwhile, 10-part post on 100 Films Made By Women, you have to forgive me for my lack of reading material this week. Not that this is a weekly thing, nor is it really homework that will land you in Saturday detention should you not complete it. That said, the following 7 links deserve your full attention:

Josephine Decker: Debut films From A Distinctive New Voice, introduction by Jemma Desai (BFI)

The State Of The Race: Why The Producers Guild Determines Best Picture, by Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

EmmyWatch: Surveying The Supporting Actress Drama Field, by Ryan C. Showers (Awards Daily TV)

EmmyWatch: Supporting Actor Drama – A Fait Accompli? by Clarence Moye (Awards Daily TV)

Michael Fassbender as The Dude, by Simone Cromer (Fassinating Fassbender)

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Independent Cinema Of John Cassavetes, by Sarah McFarlane (Taste of Cinema)

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Illustrative Cinema Of David Lynch, by Ethan Levinskas (Taste of Cinema)


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