Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #18

Not much time goes by when I don’t have the pleasure to see Greta Gerwig on film, or indeed see or read about her on the internet. Mistress America is right up there on my most anticipated films of 2015. Enjoy also broadening your horizons on movies about coming-of-age from the female perspective, as well as some French New Wave greats. We sadly honored the year anniversary of the Robin Williams’ death, I have included another such tribute here. And aptly we begin with the 25th birthday of a certain Jennifer Lawrence:

The 25 Most Jennifer Lawrence Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Ever Done (View As List), by Samantha Grossman (Time)

Jennifer Lawrence Surprises Kids at Montreal Hospital, by Jackie Willis (Entertainment Tonight)

Robin Williams, One Year On: Remembering The Hollywood Star (With 56 Photos Of The Great Man At His Funniest), by Matt Bagwel (The Huffington Post UK)

Interview: Greta Gerwig, by Sophie Monks Kaufman (Little White Lies)

How Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig Turned ‘Mistress America’ Into a Female-Friendly Screwball Comedy, by Kate Erbland (Indiewire)

5 Most Daring Portrayals of Female Coming-of-Age Sexuality in Movies, by Emily Buder (Indiewire)

10 Great French New Wave Films, by Samuel Wigley (BFI)

Interview: Diablo Cody, Ricki & The Flash, by DP30 (Movie City News)


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