Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #19

Having finally managed to publish the 100 Films By Women series, I have had much more time to scour the internet for various film-related material. And it easy to find some compelling stuff. Speaking of female filmmakers, I was particularly excited to find Sofia Coppola had spoken to Alice and Alba Rohrwacher about The Wonders. That ought to get you warmed up for the rest of the entertainment snippets I dug this week.

Sofia Coppola Interviews the Sisters Behind Her Favorite New Film, By T Magazine

11 Great Films About Female Friendship, by Kate Erbland (Indiewire)

Watch: Tribute To Emmanuel Lubezki, by Jorge Luengo Ruiz (Vimeo)

Best Actress Hopefuls In September And October Releases, by Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

Q&A: Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black, by Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress is Jennifer Lawrence, by Jazz Tangcay (Awards Daily)

23 Great Films Favored By Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel, by Jeffrey Anderson (Taste Of Cinema)


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