Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #21

During the build-up, and now brilliant coverage of, the film events in Telluride, I become engulfed in a paradox of emotions. There is the sheer excitement of course, but also the undeniable envy. And this gets stronger every year, with every Toronto, with every Sundance, with every Cannes. Putting my screenwriting on hold (which is actually killing me by the way) to focus on the very website you are now reading (which is not quite killing me). It’s a really tough gig running a site like this pretty much on your own, but I strive to be somewhere with it, be it soon, or a long way off in the future. If that eventually means I am someone, one of those lucky few that gets to hit Telluride and embrace the movies in that way. For now, let’s remind ourselves of some of the great coverage among other other things with 7 more links, as well as saying bye bye to the summer.

by Sarah Lindig (Elle)
by Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)
by Kristopher Tapley (Variety)
by Isabel Stevens (BFI) 
by Awards Daily TV
by Script Magazine
by Jordan Ruimy (Awards Daily)

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