Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #25

I am just dying to see Carol. Not sure how strongly I can emphasize this. And the time is near. This is of course backed up by the dawn of the awards season full-throttle. Today! Not to mention the majority of those films that carry the awards season I am yet to see. Some great, great stuff in this edition of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, beautiful things. Like the costumes from Carol. Can’t wait to see that movie. Oh, I mentioned. Ana Lily Amirpour and her eye for cinematic brilliance. Tom and Sasha “fighting” over the Oscars. Love it. Beauty and talent everywhere in the following seven links. Not just these writers and publishers, but also, of course, the likes of Shu Qi, Alicia Vikander, and Monica Vitti. Hello December, Καλό μήνα!


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