Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #26

Running close to Christmas now, too close for comfort, so I have not gift-wrapped these recent movie-related links. That said, they are all worthy of your time (I tend not to recommend tripe), including a couple of pieces on Star Wars of course, as well as a look listen back to some of the best music of the film year, a terrific essay on Michael Mann’s Heat, and an essential interview with Quentin Tarantino’s producers. So don’t be a Scrooge and share the joy. Merry Christmas.

Can Star Wars: The Force Awakens Crash Best Picture?

The Film Stage Show Eisode 168 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens
@BrianJRoan @TheFilmStage

Applauding The Sadness And Subtle Coherence Of Michael Mann’s Heat
@BilgeEbiri @vulture

The Best Movie Music Of 2015
@allisonloring @rejectnation

Oscars: 12 Films’ Strategic Keys To Winning
@ScottFeinberg @THR

Our Favorite Variety Portraits From 2015

DP/30: The Hateful Eight Producers Sher And Gladstein
@DavidPoland @MovieCityNews


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