Festival De Cannes Sélection Officielle: Paterson

The first rule about not being in Cannes is that you can still talk about Cannes.


Jim Jarmusch

United States


Jim Jarmusch likes treading his feet in different waters regarding the genre of his movies. I, and those that also have followed the great American independent film wave over the last 30 years, sit up and pay attention whenever Jarmusch is in town. His new film, bringing even more warmth and joy to Cannes, features the prolific Adam Driver as Paterson (who happens to live in Paterson, New Jersey) is a bus driver with a rather compassionate poetry habit. He has a dreamer of a wife (Golshifteh Farahani), and a leering dog named Marvin. Jarmusch’s film has been described as touching and down-to-Earth, depicting a day-to-day simple life that is thoughtful and encouraging. Paterson is beautifully toned, and gracefully executed.


Jarmusch’s last film was the excellent Only Lovers Left Alive, also at Cannes. This, and the longevity and contribution to independent cinema could influence the jury here. The formidable, familiar Adam Driver delivers on the vulnerability and melancholy he has promised for so long. Best Actor?

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