Femme Filmmakers Festival: Girlhood

DAY TWO Saturday 3rd September 2016 (all-day event)

Film: Girlhood
Femme Filmmaker: Céline Sciamma
Bande de filles from French translates to group of girls, whereas it’s English title Girlhood may suggest something slightly different. Both interpretations, that these teenage girls form a tough cliche, and that there is a penetrating friendship, ring true in Céline Sciamma’s coming-of-age drama.
Cast: Karidja Touré; Assa Sylla; Lindsay Karamoh; Mariétou Touré
Screenwriter: Céline Sciamma
Cinematographer: Crystel Fournier
Editor: Julien Lacheray
Distributor: Pyramide Distribution
Country: France
Duration: 113 minutes
Online Availability
Click for links. Other sources available online if you look hard enough.
Netflix US — free
Amazon US — $4.99
TalkTalk TV — £2.49
Amazon UK — £2.49 free on Prime
YouTube — £2.49
Google Play — £2.49
Watch the film on Saturday, at any time that suits you. Hook up with friends, in person, or online, and get chatting.
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Here’s the trailer, take a look. See you Saturday.


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