Christmas Movie Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-Two


It’s a Wonderful Life is now 70 years old, and its story remains fresh. Following George Bailey, a man who always seems to be held back on what he wants to do in life is one of cinema’s most relatable characters. James Stewart gives one of his all-time greatest performances that make him the charismatic, humble and good-hearted we all love. To me, it is a film that can be watched by absolutely everyone, and I would even question whether or not you are human if you don’t come out of this sobbing. I feel that Its a Wonderful Life is the most pure film ever made that always makes me leave it a less-cynical person and more appreciative of my existence: and that’s what great movies should do.

I’ve been thinking about the film, having just watched it yesterday. Seeing it on the big screen only helped to heighten the emotion, and the film holds up incredibly .


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