Happy Valentine’s Day Agapi Mou


Like soulmates who could have grown up together,
Our love survived turbulent games, whatever the weather,
In the end, as it goes, I’ll always be there,
So go ahead and love me, if you dare.

Thousands of helium balloons can’t elevate me so high,
You are with me always, it’s as though I can actually fly,
Our companionship is rife with memories of fun and joy,
I’ve craved such adventure ever since I were a boy.

So to ask me to define my devotion is a silly suggestion,
My love is distance-defying, no matter the question,
Whether I’m a millionaire, or a slumdog in Mumbai,
True love is definitely my final answer – lock kiya-jaye.



2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day Agapi Mou

  1. Okay, I’ve been wasting away my life trying to figure out how to respond to this but you know me, when it comes to emotion, my go-to will always be some stupid joke or, even worse, gushing sentimentality, depending on the time of day. So, I’m going to keep it simple to avoid public humiliation.

    Choosing you will always be my finest moment in life. You’re my lobster, I love you and that… yeah… that is my final answer.

    Lock kiya-jaye.

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