Festival de Cannes 70: Underground, 1995

A sunny shout-out to 70 winners at the Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the 70th event which is just around the corner – in no particular order.


Underground winning the Palme d’Or at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival meant that director Serbian Emir Kusturica was one of the select few to achieve this honor twice – he first won in 1985 with When Father Was Away on Business. The Grand Prix in 1995 was awarded to Theo Angelopoulos and Ulysses’ Gaze to which the Greek filmmaker noted on stage that this was all he was getting – the verdict is still out as to how much of he comment was tongue in cheek. Underground was very much a comedy, satire, drama, historical epic, all mixed into an unforgettable tale of two rowdy, roguish friends plowing through six decades of Yugoslav history. Blacky and Marko’s antics in that time reflect the turmoil and social attitudes of those involved, the dark humor of which makes the whole affair all the more important. Powerful images, themes, and that brass orchestra score which opens the picture, will not leave your head for weeks, months after.


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