Trailer: The Sisters Plotz

Cinevest Interactive Inc. the New York based producer’s representative and global sales agency focusing on indie women producers and directors headed by Arthur Schweitzer has signed The Sisters Plotz Directed by Lisa Hammer, American filmmaker, actress, composer and singer. Written by Lisa Ferber, creator, writer, and actress with music by Mary Feinsinger, starring Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch, Blue Bloods) Lisa Hammer (The Venture Bros, Maybe Sunshine), Lisa Ferber (Each Time I Kill) and Levi Wilson (Not Fade Away, Punk’s Dead) from Lisa Lisa Productions.

Also, Lisa Hammer’s 1996 short film Empire of Ache was recently acquired by The Getty Museum’s feminist film collection curated by Miranda July. Hammer is also a singer/composer, and added some vocals to an upcoming Tracy Bonham record. Her series Maybe Sunshine was recently picked up by Seeka TV.

Check the latest The Sisters Plotz trailer below, released later this year, of these madcap, musical antics of eccentric heiresses, meddling maids, a smitten butler – you get the picture. Whats all the song and dance about?


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