NZIFF: Animation NOW! Opens The Festival

The New Zealand International Film Festival opens later today local time (Friday evening) with the Animation NOW! programme, beginning with Living Masters New Works. The nine short films shown derive from eight different countries, and offer diverse movies from veteran filmmakers. The School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington donated the $5,000 prize for the jury to award the best film. Here are the nine films in the opening line-up:

Satie’s “Parade” (2016) Koji Yamamura
Japan – 14 minutes

Casino (2016) Steven Woloshen
Canada – 4 minutes

The (2016) Phil Mulloy
UK – 2 minutes


The Eyeless Hunter. A Khanty Story (2016) Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn
Estonia – 4 minutes


Tank (2015) Raoul Servais
Belgium – 6 minutes


A Photo of Me (2017) Dennis Tupicoff
Australia – 11 minutes


Scratchy (2016) Marv Newland
Canada – 3 minutes


Primal Flux (2016) Joan C. Gratz
USA – 3 minutes


Before Love (2016) Igor Kovalyov
Russia – 19 minutes



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