NZIFF: Black & White Animated Shorts

The Animation NOW! segment of the New Zealand International Film Festival is broken down into appropriate categories, and day two of NZIFF showcases two more of those chapters. Firstly, the Black & White session, a series of short films that dazzle the senses even without color. The ten black and white animated shorts first showing in the Auckland leg of the festival are as follows (do check out the trailers where available):

Child (2016) Viktor Stickel, Iring Freytag, Linus Stette
Germany – 9 minutes


Among the Black Waves (2016) Anna Budanova
Russia – 11 minutes

Deus (2016) Rebecca Essler, Alexandra Battault
France – 5 minutes


RED RIDING HOOD REDUX (2017) Danijel Žeželj
Croatia – 12 minutes

Radio Wave (2016) Miyajima Ryotaro
Japan – 3 minutes


Roger Ballen’s Theatre of Apparitions (2016) Emma Calder, Ged Haney
UK – 5 minutes

O (2015) Erick Oh
USA – 3 minutes

Tarpit (2016) Adam Leyland
UK – 4 minutes


The Walker (2016) Thibault Chollet
France – 6 minutes

I Want Pluto to be a Planet Again (2016) Marie Amachoukeli, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
France – 12 minutes


4 thoughts on “NZIFF: Black & White Animated Shorts

      1. That’s a good thing you do there, Robin. I need to dedicate more time to these festivals too… I barely have enough time to write well the reviews now 🙂 Did you spot some interesting sci-fi features on the festival?


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