NZIFF: International Showcase Animated Shorts

The Animation NOW! portion of the New Zealand International Film Festival will have an evening session entitled International Showcase. This will feature some inspiring animated shorts spanning the globe, demonstrating technical range, color, themes – including a short from New Zealand itself and a very direct reference to The Simpsons. Here’s the full line-up:

Double King (2017) Felix Colgrave
Australia – 9 minutes


Table of Gods (2016) Jacob Menden
USA – 3 minutes


Party (2016) Daniel Barany
Hungary – 4 minutes

À perdre haleine (2016) Lea Krowczyk
France – 4 minutes


Ralph Plays D’oh! (2016) Fabio Tonetto
Italy – 1 minute


Frankfurter Str. 99a (2016) Evgenia Gostrer
Germany – 5 minutes

Out of Internal Worlds (2016) Helen Unt
Estonia – 10 minutes

Fire in Cardboard City (2017) Phil Brough
New Zealand – 8 minutes

Beer (2016) NERDO
Italy – 2 minutes


For Ray (2016) Heidi Stokes
UK – 5 minutes


Slow Wave (2016) Andy Kennedy
USA – 3 minutes


Waiting for the New Year (2016) Vladimir Leschiov
Latvia – 8 minutes

The Head Vanishes (2016) Franck Dion
Canada – 9 minutes


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