NZIFF: New Chinese Animation

How much of your daily thoughts are dedicated to independent Chinese animation? I thought so. Film is an education, of course, and the New Zealand International Film Festival continues its Animation NOW! programme with what might be referred to as a new wave of Chinese Animation. Take note of the following shorts screening at the festival:

A Lone Bird Flying In The Snow (2015) Piao Yuehua – 4 minutes


Cells’ Amusement Park (2016) Li Ang, Cai Caibei – 4 minutes


Forever (2016) ZhongSu – 7 minutes


So Red and a Little Blue (2016) Luo Sijia – 4 minutes

Goodbye Utopia (2014) Ding Shiwei – 7 minutes


Books on Books (2016) Lei Lei – 3 minutes

Balloon (2015) Kang Mengchi – 6 minutes


Animal Year (2016) ZhongSu – 7 minutes


The Abyss (2016) Wu Zheng, Huang Liying – 4 minutes


Toe, Petal, Cosmos (2016) Wang Qieer – 3 minutes


Another Man (2015) Wang Weiyu – 4 minutes


Still (2015) Liu Yin – 5 minutes

Missing One Player (2015) Lei Lei – 4 minutes


Mirage (2014) Xu Yaya – 4 minutes


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