Vote: The 10 Best From Tim Burton


The thing with enigmatic film director Tim Burton, for me anyway, is that his appeal has been diluted over the years largely due to the mediocre, sometimes plain bad, movies he has churned out of late. I know times and tastes in the film world have changed since the late eighties and early nineties, but still, Burton has been gradually unable to surpass the high bar he originally set way back when – though there have been some real flourishes in that period. It’s not all that bad, though, surely.

So let’s get our goth on, lure the mysterious, embrace the fantastic, and join forces to compile a ’10 Best’ of Tim Burton movies in his honor. All you have to do is choose your 10 picks below, be it personal favorites or objective merit, and leave the counting to me. The good news is, I have included The Nightmare Before Christmas even though Henry Selick directed. The final results will be published in a few weeks, in the meantime, you wanna get nuts, come on, let’s get nuts.

Comments are open below for all your Burton-esque discussions.


8 thoughts on “Vote: The 10 Best From Tim Burton

  1. He got stuck in his own style. At least before it was more for adults, now it seems for kids but still too weird to be actually for kids. With his each new movie coming out, I’m less and less willing to see it… He has casted Depp too many times.

    Burton, over years, starts to feel like chocolate, eat a little and it’s fine – some like it while the others not, but eat just a little too much and it makes you wanna vomit.

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      1. I think eating sweeties and watching Burton is not compatible. Or maybe dark 95% chocolate with no sugar.

        Btw, I think Coraline (hence my nickname…) and other movies Laika did develop Burton’s spirit much better than he did.

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