NZIFF: Lady Macbeth

The New Zealand International Film Festival reaches its final Friday in Auckland (don’t worry, the fest itself is by no means done), and with it another chance to catch British period drama Lady Macbeth. Directed by William Oldroyd, and penned by Alice Birch (from Nikolai Leskov’s text), the little gem tells the story of a somewhat shackled young wife who has reached her wit’s end with her older, general bastard of a husband.


Sumptuously paced, filing the open frames with both melancholy and beauty, Lady Macbeth looks and feels a tale of repression, fine-tunely written and directed, with fine cinematography from Ari Wegner. Perhaps, or should I say most definitely, the top prize ought to go to its young star Florence Pugh, a commanding, bubbling at the surface performance, with a heavy sprinkle of bitter impulse and wit.

See the NZIFF website for scheduling.


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