Review: Julieta


Watching the world through Almodovar’s eyes through the years has always been a unfaltering honor and immeasurable pleasure; for that alone, I feel privileged. But even so, even with all the love and unashamed, favorable predisposition towards his movies, I had no clue as to how much Julieta would impress me.

With the superb framing and striking colors shuddering with demand throughout the film, with the subepidermal performances and the storytelling’s masterful ebbs and flows, Julieta is effortlessly taking our hand in guidance.

And we follow, we NEED to follow as Almodovar’s provocative flair takes a back seat to a more mature, warmer approach to womanhood, this time elevating the female to a much more than a muse to be loved for her magnificence, but to a deity to be respected, adored and worshipped for all her imperfections.

The Greek can be found at Letterboxd.


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