Writer-Director Peyv Raz Talks Film Debut With ‘Clarity’

From joy to despair in a matter of seconds as a family congratulatory gathering becomes a tense affair in a hospital waiting room. A life is at stake, and 20 years are about to be bridged. First time feature film director and screenwriter Peyv Raz establishes the pace early with Clarity on as two cultures, […]

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Masterpiece Memo: L’enfer d’Henri-Georges Clouzot

“You have to see your madness through. You have to take responsibility to the end… I believe there’s a job to do every day and from time to time, ideas do or don’t come. It’s like a seed you plant in the earth. Every day, you water it and whatever grows will grow. And there’s no point pulling the stem to make it grow faster. If […]

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