Directors’ Weekend Catch-Up: The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola’s latest feature, The Beguiled, carries the theme of loneliness, which was present in her previous work like The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation, due to the physical isolation that the main characters feel. However, what makes The Beguiled far different from those two films is how it serves as a pastiche of […]

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Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day Four Program

Welcome to Day Four of the Femme Filmmakers Festival, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Today’s showings include a brand new retro-comedy-horror, a documentary on a Middle-East singing contest, as well as the oldest film at the festival. One female filmmaker has the honor of having 2 of her short films in the […]

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A Million Miles Away: Jennifer Reeder Talks Filmmaking Past, Present, And Future

Beautifully filmed, A Million Miles Away is an ensemble film that delivers with so much intimacy and thought in spite of the many cast members. Whether these characters, primarily a bunch of teenage girls and their substitute teacher, wear their hearts on their sleeves or not, emotional resonance is clearly skin-deep. Writer and director of […]

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