Watch: Margaret Tait’s 4 Minutes Of ‘A Portrait of Ga’

This four-minute portrait of the filmmaker’s mother combines the texture of 1970s-color-saturated found footage with an oddly avant-garde structure. The editing rhythms are distinctly recognizable for anyone who has watched 70s home movies; the Kodak would often linger and jerk-pan for about twenty seconds, then (because the film ran out, because only so much could […]

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Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day Five Program

Femme Filmmakers Festival — Day Five Program — Tuesday 5th September 2017 Among the recommended shorts and features on Day Five of the Femme Filmmakers Festival, we take a trip to Brazil for one of the most under-rated movies of the last decade. As we approach the half-way point of the #FemmeFilmFest, why not share […]

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