Billimarie Robinson Talks Filmmaking, Box-Heads, And Being Multiracial

There’s an earnest, smart filmmaking brain in the young head of Billimarie Robinson, whose diverse short films over the years have perhaps allowed her to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders through creative expression. When we first interacted a couple of years ago, having seen and reviewed Corrugated Hearts, I swore to myself […]

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Watch: Alex Burunova’s Short Film Lonely Planet

A single travel writer undergoes a personal conflict on an unexpectedly extended stay in Barcelona in Alex Burunova’s Lonely Planet. A young American woman long estranged from her home country, and from any close source of immediate human affection, engages in a romantic encounter with a disarming local – they are of similar age and […]

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Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day Seven Program

Femme Filmmakers Festival — Day Seven Program — Thursday 7th September 2017 Women’s rights are the direct subject of one of the feature films coming in Day Seven of the Femme Filmmakers Festival. And a smart, young filmmaker has two short films in the selection, and we had a hefty chat about many aspects of […]

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