Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day Ten Program

Femme Filmmakers Festival — Day Ten Program — Sunday 10th September 2017

And there we have it. The final day of the Femme Filmmakers Festival has arrived – too soon, like a brilliant holiday that is almost over. These female filmmakers and their movies have thrilled me during these ten days – and I know many of you have also indulged in the marvels.


Thank you very much to all the people involved – film lovers, bloggers, journalists, writers, and of course directors. The links of all 30 short films will be still available until the close of the festival, so I implore you to get watching. Here is the remaining line-up:


Five (2015) – Katina Mercadante – 5 mins

* * * * *

Chinti (2012) – Natalia Mirzoyan – 8 mins

* * * * *

Sierra (2013) – Chelsea Christer – 18 mins

* * * * *


Selma (2014) – Ava DuVernay – 128 mins

YouTubeGoogle PlayiTunesAmazon USAAmazon UK

* * * * *

Toit ni Loi / Vagabond (1985) – Agnès Varda – 105 mins

YouTubeGoogle PlayAmazon UK

* * * * *

Use the comments below to give us your take on the festival overall. What did you see? What was your favorite? And finally, be sure to check out the pages over at Facebook and Twitter.


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