WANTED: Unpaid But Passionate Film Writers

I guess by now most of you are aware of the new name and layout of the site. A site that has been running since 2014, striving to shine bright lights across the alternative corners of the film world. And of course I want to keep building on that, this site really must greater than it already is. The re-branding / name change was a huge step, and will be following that momentum.


Who Am I Looking For?

Film writers.
Film lovers.
That are passionate, hard-working, creative.
That can commit to writing without a pay check.
With no limitations or contract to what or when you write.
The roles are flexible.


What Content?

Focus of Filmotomy has several strands, including:
female filmmakers
people of color
LGBT cinema
independent film
short films
the vastness of world cinema.
What also is to be covered is the regular parts of cinema, like:
film news
awards announcements
reviews etc.

giphy (1).gif

What Else Is Involved?

At times there’s be deadlines to meet.
But also, skills taught and / or utilized, including:
embedding videos
formatting articles
writing and editing text
adding images
scheduling posts.
More importantly perhaps, a high level of communication, as well as a deft hand with social media – primarily Twitter and Facebook.
Participating in larger projects, interviews, podcast episodes may be offered.

giphy (2).gif

What Else Do You Want To Know?

Please comment below or get in touch via the Contact tab at the top of the page if you have any questions, ideas, general chit-chat, and of course want to help me grow this site by writing about what you love. Either you or someone you know. I’m also available for far too much time via Twitter @Filmotomy.


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