Vote Oscars: What Are The Greatest Of The 89 Best Picture Winners?

This needs little explaining. We’re heading towards the 90th Academy Awards, so a two-month mass vote to establish a ranked list of the 89 Best Picture winners at the Oscars is something to celebrate.

There’s a bit of scrolling involved here, but of the 89 Best Picture winners you can choose up to 25. Your favorites. The best. You can vote with your heart, with your mind, with your gut. Your choices can be influenced by politics, nostalgia, a magic eight ball. Of course, there’ll be some resentment and excitement too. How did that beat that?! Ooh, they got it right that year.

You haven’t seen all 89?! Well, you got two months to correct that – voting closes 31st December 2017. And you can vote more than once should you desire so. Check out this terrific short video giving a pictorial summary of those winners. Then, get voting!

The following details are not mandatory, nor are they attributable to your votes, some will purely be used to demonstrate a sample of voters when published.



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