100 Not Nominated For Oscars – Part 9

So with a worthy entry here overshadowed by her co-star, I remember 2012 the year of Oscar contender movies like Hyde Park on Hudson, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Magic Mike. You can see where I am going already with this. Yes, none of them managed a single nomination between them. Ben Affleck […]

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For Your Consideration: Beach Rats, Best Cinematography, Helene Louvart

What makes great cinematography? Is it colorful lighting? Is it long tracking shots? Well, while those things do help create a visually intriguing experience, what ultimately makes great cinematography is its ability to act as a form of storytelling. It is up to the camera to try and translate the words that aren’t written in […]

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100 Not Nominated For Oscars – Part 8

So with all the movies released in the year 2013 it came down to two apparently. The Picture / Director split at the Oscar was on the cards for a long time in my eyes. The third wheel thought it was as good as those, but thankfully, in spite of it being lavished with acting […]

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