Filmotomy Podcast Episode 12: Golden Globes Reactions

Filmotomy Podcast host Al Robinson is this time joined by Joel Melendez, returning after some rather unfortunate natural events, and first-timer on these here shores, Matt St.Clair. Matt has been handy to have around Filmotomy in recent weeks, having helped with the awards season coverage. The trio discuss the Golden Globes film awards immediately following […]

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Four Awards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Lady Bird, del Toro Also Win At 75th Golden Globes Awards

Just when we perhaps thought that¬†Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was slipping down the ranks somewhat in the awards race, the film goes and picks up 4 Golden Globe awards. Martin McDonagh won the Screenplay prize, and the film then finished the night on a greater high by winning Motion Pictue Drama. Meanwhile,¬†Frances McDormand and […]

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