BAFTA Announce Their Film Nominations

The British Film Academy (BAFTA) announced their nominations in film for 2017 early this morning. Denis Villeneuve’s Director nod for Blade Runner 2049 was an epic surprise for fans of the sci-fi reboot. But traditionally, BAFTA likes to sway towards British talent, and coincidentally many of the big-hitters this awards season are dominant here. Guillermo […]

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For Your Consideration: Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress, mother!

When the small film Winter’s Bone kicked down the awards season door, we were all wondering who’s that girl? By the time Jennifer Lawrence landed a Best Actress nomination, it was hardly a surprise at all. Two years on, with The Hunger Games films launching her stature, Lawrence would earn her second Academy Award nomination, […]

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For Your Consideration: Michelle Pfeiffer, Best Supporting Actress, mother!

There is plenty to try and decipher about the psychological thriller mother!. For example, one could wonder whether the story about an unnamed couple trying to build a paradise called “Eden” is a parallel to the Bible. It’s ambiguous to the point where the characters don’t even have names. It’s a chaotic yet intriguing labyrinth. But aside from […]

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