Femininity in Crisis: Exploring the Representation of Femininity in the Films of 2017

2017 saw some excellent female characters being presented on screen. From the likes of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, to Saoirse Ronan’s Lady Bird, to Margot Robbie’s Tonya Harding, to Frances McDormand’s Mildred. These four characters come from different backgrounds; they are a range of different ages, belonging to different social classes and different time periods, but evidently […]

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Filmotomy Team Oscar Predictions

Yes, it is almost time to watch film actors, directors, producers, and writers award the newest minted Oscar winners to their colleagues and friends. Sunday will be the 90th Academy Awards, and unlike last year, there is now a whole team of us at Filmotomy who have made Oscar predictions for Sunday’s show. Listed below […]

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