Why The Shape of Water is​ the Oscars Best Picture of 2017

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is a beautiful tale of love conquering all. The plot is relatively simple; a fairytale for troubled times set in a troubled time, a down-trodden voiceless woman falls in love with a creature feared and misunderstood by all. Although the film has a standard narrative, it is full of complex and […]

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Best Actress 2019: Premature Predictions

Even though we already have put the 90th Academy Awards behind us, who says it’s too early to look ahead? There’s a wide range of films and performances that could make a dent in the upcoming awards season and it’s fun to create early speculation. But for this post, we will take a look at […]

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Swinging For The Fences – Annihilation Review

Alex Garland wow’d movie watchers and critics alike with his 2014 Science Fiction/Horror indie Ex Machina. It made three times it’s budget and was a verified hit for the first time Director, even if this wasn’t his first foray into the movies. Garland is also the screenwriter of some very good films including Sunshine and […]

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