The Woman of your Nightmares: Is Audition about Misogyny or is about Misandry?

“A truly shocking horror film about obsession gone evil, “Audition” is made even more disturbing by its haunting beauty.” Ken Eisner, Variety Miike Takashi is a director who doesn’t shy away from showing us the ugly aspect to life, and he certainly knows what audiences are traumatized by, but his 1999 film Audition is perhaps his most shocking […]

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Boy in the Dark: A Conversation with Filmmaker Jason Ragosta

Jason Ragosta not only knows what he wants to do in the future, he’s become proficient in pulling it off at every level. Filmotomy will stalk his career with big expectations – watch Boy in the Dark here and see if you don’t agree. The Vimeo password for the short is: Diana

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