Vote: Ranking The Films of Joel and Ethan Coen

At Filmotomy the next directors we are eager to cross paths with are the Coen Brothers, Ethan and Joel. The 10 Days of the Coen Brothers run from Sunday 20th May (straight after the Cannes Film Festival closes) through to Tuesday 29th May. Reviews, insights, technical analysis, basically some thrilling coverage. And of course we’re […]

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100 Explorations of World Cinema – Ba

“Fans in China are very different from those overseas. In China, many people really love me and care about my life. But there is always some jealousy mixed up in this feeling of love. I think that is the big difference. Overseas, there is none of that.” – – – – – Gong Li Bàwáng […]

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Happy Birthday Mr Pattinson

When I first saw Robert Pattinson on-screen (in Twilight…Don’t judge me, I was a teenage girl at the time), I knew this was a talented actor who deserved better material. Pattinson had a James Dean vulnerability to him, with his long drawn out pauses, and awkward reserved body language, he gave off this bad boy […]

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