Loopiness Unleashed – Burn After Reading (2008)

The Coen’s may have produced more highly praised films in their brilliant run, but none have the breezy celebration of pure idiocy as this comedic confection that allows top drawer performers to explore their inner fools.

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Neo-Noir Gangster Prohibition Pulp: Miller’s Crossing Review

The title of the review really spells out the experience of the visually virtuosic prohibition gangster picture Miller’s Crossing. The third release from Joel and Ethan Coen is an immersive and atmospheric look at the disagreement and dust up between two warring gangs. The local Irish and Italian mobs are at odds with one another […]

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The Coen Bros. 1940’s Writer’s Block Odyssey: Barton Fink Review

Barton Fink centers around playwright and aspiring Hollywood screenwriter of same name who finds the transition a harrowing, odd, and anxiety inducing descent into madness. Fink, played by veteran acting great John Turturro, is a nervous and sensitive Jewish artist looking to expand on his broadway success. And make some money while he’s at it. […]

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