L’été meurtrier: Red Hot Isabelle Adjani Kills It In One Deadly Summer

There is a sweltering heat, shimmering sweat, at the very opening of L’été meurtrier (One Deadly Summer), when Elle steps into the frame. “That girl” quickly becomes the talk of the southern French town, and claims the leering eyes of most of the men. Much of what makes Isabelle Adjani smoking hot here, is what […]

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The Danger of Dreams: Review of The King of Comedy (1983)

Everyone is told to chase their dreams. That’s the phrase we use. Chase it. A chase tends to involve singular focus and an unbending will to capture whatever it is you’re chasing. It sounds nice to say chase your dream, but it’s a phrase that can easily be twisted into the rationalization for desperate attempts […]

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Fatalistic Entertainment: Videodrome Review

Max Renn (James Woods) is the President of cable channel 83 named Civic TV. Specializing in X-Rated content as a TV station, Max is always looking for the next shocking content to attract viewers. On a TV show panel he defends his content choices by being a small station and needing to survive. On the […]

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