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21 Golden Globe Winners Not Even Nominated At The Oscars

Alexandre Desplat (The Painted Veil) – Best Original Score

HFPA: We’re telling you, this guy is the next John Williams.

AMPAS: That’s all well and good, but we haven’t seen this.

Nicole Kidman (To Die For) – Best Actress Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: Hilarious. Sassy. This was a role made for us.

AMPAS: Nicole Kidman? Tom Cruise’s missus? Not exactly Virginia Woolf is she.

Michael Caine (Little Voice) – Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: We’re not sure if Michael Caine has ever been this funny. Delightful.

AMPAS: Yeah, we don’t really see Caine as funny. Prefer his more serious roles.

Almost Famous – Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: About music. Funny. Smart. Easy decision.

AMPAS: We’re almost there with Cameron Crowe. Let’s see where he goes in the next 10 years first.

Ben Affleck (Argo) – Best Director

HFPA: You fucking snubbed him, so we’ve teamed up with everyone to make him feel loved.

AMPAS: Come on, loads of of us voted for Benh.

Miranda Richardson (Enchanted April) – Best Actress Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: Exquisite. Lovely film, Richardson holds her own here. Having a great 1992.

AMPAS: Is this the one where Jeremy Irons cheats on her or that Irish one?

Walk the Line – Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

HFPA: Great musical. Well, about music. A drama about music. A drama. What have we done.

AMPAS: Look, if it is a comedy, we didn’t laugh once. Reese Witherspoon was spunky though. We liked that.



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  1. Al Robinson (@Listman1982) Al Robinson (@Listman1982) January 8, 2018

    The Jim Carrey snub is especially hard to swallow. Butt also I still don’t know how Oscar voters ignored the wonderful Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nocturnal Animals.

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