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21 Golden Globe Winners Not Even Nominated At The Oscars

Burkhard Dallwitz, Philip Glass (The Truman Show) – Best Original Score

HFPA: Terrific, mood-inducing collaboration from both musicians.

AMPAS: We’re not going to go mad with this one. The music is not very warry or Elizabethiany.

Dreamgirls – Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: As lavish and gorgeous a musical as you will see all year. Sold.

AMPAS: We’re sold too. We we vote in all the lavish, gorgeous, musical categories. We might even pile on the votes for a singer doing acting.

Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski (The People vs Larry Flynt) – Best Screenplay

Golden Globes

HFPA: Milos Forman know how to work a screenplay. Fuck it, we’ll give him Best Director too.

AMPAS: Yeah we love Forman, we’re in. But that script, pretty dirty stuff.

Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire) – Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

HFPA: Was he the king of comedy? I mean, this was hilarious.

AMPAS: We have a clause in our voting hat says only vote for Robin Williams for his dramatic roles. Sorry.

Kate Winslet (The Reader) – Best Supporting Actress

Golden Globes

HFPA: Pretty much steals the film. Fuck it, we’re going to give her Best Actress too for that Sam Mendes drama.

AMPAS: Look, she’s not getting two. She picks one, campaigns, category fraud, whatever, but she’s not getting two.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Golden Globes

HFPA: Quite a deeper human relationships story from Woody Allen, but funny mostly.

AMPAS: Woody Allen? Oooh, is there a juicy supporting role by any chance?

Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky) – Best Actress Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

HFPA: Nobody does bleak comedy like Mike Leigh. And Sally Hawkins is outstanding. Has she ever even been to an awards show? Bless her.

AMPAS: We like Mike Leigh too. But if we can’t nominate David Thewlis, or give Brenda Blethyn the Oscar, we’re not going for this. Wouldn’t be fair.


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  1. Al Robinson (@Listman1982) Al Robinson (@Listman1982) January 8, 2018

    The Jim Carrey snub is especially hard to swallow. Butt also I still don’t know how Oscar voters ignored the wonderful Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nocturnal Animals.

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