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Want To Write About Film?

Okay, listen up. I just quickly wanted to update everyone with the upcoming events at the site in the coming months. The year in film has pockets of varying sizes at a hand’s reach when you make it your mission to provide motion picture covfefe. And I am constantly thinking / dreaming / antagonizing about what to cover on the site, when I am not actually writing like a maniac or fretting about site traffic. For example. So with the following blurbs of upcoming projects in mind, I want to also reach out to contributors, casual or demanding, to help fulfill the promises I set myself and all of you. Anyway, have a read, soak it up, and get involved however you see fit.

lost in translation

Another 100 Films Made By Women – That’s right, another 100 films made by women to follow the previous two huge adventures (and 200 female directed films). A fresh batch of films, then, which is easier than it may sound given the flourish of women filmmakers hitting the ground running in the last few years. Finding 100 more films from the ladies we have not covered yet should be enthralling rather than challenging. The previous 200 entries will be re-posted in the meantime in the coming weeks.

100 Essential Film Soundtracks For Your Playlist – Some rare, alternative music selections are welcome here as well as the popular favorites. And a mixture of song compilations and film scores will make up the series of 100 film soundtracks. Old stuff , new stuff, tracks you can’t stop listening to, pieces of music that inspire you, help you work, write, daydream, music that stirs memories, that are personal to you, movies you love etc. We’ll say why we picked what we did and post videos, playlists of each soundtrack. Let’s get those feet tapping.


100 Essential World Cinema Films For Your Watchlist – For this series of 100 films (outside of the English language) I want to garner a list of great / innovative / important movies from all over the world. And to that end, movies that stand outside of the mainstream or norm, movies many of us have not heard of let alone seen – but should as a matter of priority (there’ll be no Breathless, All About My Mother, Cinema Paradiso, et al in this extensive list). There are so many marvelous motion pictures from across the globe, from filmmakers we don’t know, as well as those we do, that we want to shine a bright light on.

Wanted: Film Content Contributor (Unpaid) – Looking for someone interested in film – I say interested, ideally they will be day-to-day obsessed – to write regular entries on the site regarding film related content. Primarily trailers, film news, awards announcements, and the like, the contributor will edit and publish these posts when needed. Looking for timely entries reflecting the world of film, they will also be required to embed videos, format articles, write and edit text, add images, with some social media engagement essential. An unpaid role, the demand of the role is by mutual consent. Please let me know if you or anybody you may know would be interested.


And The Rest – The rest of the site’s content will continue as normal, with a focus on expanding the range of input, the frequency of posts, the global popularity of the site – everything. As an alternative film website (it’s fine, you can call it a blog), I continue to strive publishing and publicizing corners of the film world like supporting Indie Film, displaying all my Film Honors data, revitalizing the Masterpiece Memo series, scouting for Interviews with folk from filmland, film Reviews, the usual awards coverage (like Cannes and the Oscars), as well as the continuation of regular features Listmania, the Podcast (thanks to Al Robinson), and the Genre Blast run (thanks to Steve Schweighofer). And a whole host more without filling your brains with mush. Say tuned.

Please comment below or get in touch via the Contact tab at the top of the page if you have any questions, ideas, or general chit-chat.



  1. Melisa Zumano Melisa Zumano June 14, 2017

    im interested in writing, specially for the soundtrack list

    • Robin Write Robin Write June 16, 2017

      Hi Melisa, would love to hear from you about soundtracks. Buzz me via the contact tab on the menu at the top and we can correspond via email. Thanks.

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