Thomas Pollock’s Film Brief 2016

For me, Paterson was one of the standout films of 2016. It was quiet, poignant and human. Adam Driver gave a performance that I think was easily one of the best of the year and makes me hopeful to see him in future films. He is an incredibly talented actor. I hope more people get to […]

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Christmas Movie Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-Two

It’s a Wonderful Life is now 70 years old, and its story remains fresh. Following George Bailey, a man who always seems to be held back on what he wants to do in life is one of cinema’s most relatable characters. James Stewart gives one of his all-time greatest performances that make him the charismatic, […]

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Christmas Movie Advent Calendar – Day Seven

BY THOMAS POLLOCK – YOUTUBE CHANNEL While it is nowhere near a masterwork of comedy, Bad Santa is a film that has more heart and soul than appears on the surface. For the most part, it has crude humour and profanity, but manages to communicate something much more emotional. This is through Billy Bob Thornton’s […]

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