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Filmotomy Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 18

Great Use of Christmas Wrapping Tape

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can creatively utilize that left over Christmas wrapping tape. Of course, you can just leave it for another year, to collect dust, and add to your clutter. I was thinking more immediate, practical use.

I know, I know, you’re probably sick and tired of seeing little reindeers, or Santa heads, or even holly. But the truth is, tape is tape at the end of the day, and can come in useful in all manner of everyday uses. Especially Christmas time. Here are my Top 3:


How many of you know the frustrations of a sliding table cloth? You’ve got it all flattened out, wrinkle-free, table beautifully decorated – only for sliding plates, restless elbows, meddling hands, to ruffle up parts of the display. Often having to rearrange the fidgety table cloth. Grab your Christmas wrapping tape before your guests arrive, and apply generous pieces underneath so to affix the cloth to the table without anyone even seeing it. Goodbye shifting table cloth.

Secondly, those pesky kids. Granted, Christmas is mostly for them, and we all understand their elevated excitement levels. But after slaving away for hours, days, weeks, having to endure those ankle-biters on Christmas Day getting louder and louder – well, it takes its toll. My advice, us to grab what Christmas wrapping tape you have left, have maybe a drunk uncle or bored cousin help you hold the kid in question down, while you tie the blighter to a chair. This comes with an extra safety precaution – leave enough tape to seal closed the mouth, you just don’t need kids screaming while you’re trying to listen to the Queen’s speech.

And lastly, my personal favourite. This comes in handy no matter your situation. Trying to patch things up with your spouse, coping with the conflicts of terrorism, cutting your feet on a shitload of broken glass – this excellent tip can serve you well under many circumstances. So, after a gruelling, bloody ordeal, you have two bad guys to take out, but only two bullets left. Grab the Christmas wrapping tape, stick the gun to your back, pretend to surrender with your hands on head (very important). And while making the hoodlums laugh, thus distracting them, quick as a flash pull the gun from your back, fire a shot each into the jerks. Headshot ideally. Optional, but blowing the barrel of the gun at this stage looks cool as fuck.


by Robin Write

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