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Filmotomy Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 21

All I Wanted For Christmas…

Before we decided not to bother, my wife and I would have our What Do You Want For Christmas casual chit-chat long before now. Back in 2014, she said she was going to buy me a spanking new computer. At the time I had a laptop which was on its very last legs. It was literally falling to pieces, and could have gone at any time. I was even having to utilize an old, crummy, slow-as-hell net-book. Between the two devices I was definitely struggling to get a lot done. Or much at all actually. So I was looking at various computers, laptops, net-books, Chrome books, I-don’t-know-what books.

It was not too long after this very conversation with my wife, that I saw on Twitter or some place that Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film was now available to buy. An actual book. Now there’s an idea. And about a film-maker and movie I love. A movie I intended to watch and experience again very soon after. Perfect. As I turned to inform my wife of this new arrival, I’m sure I could hear angels singing a Christmas carol. It was a timely hint, but this woman I married, well, she ain’t stupid.

So this book, apparently had more than two hundred photographs from the shooting of the movie Boyhood. Which covers twelve years don’t forget. Already I am salivating as if I can smell my turkey dinner is almost ready. A turkey dinner I will push aside so I can be in awe of my new book. Hypothetically. With excerpts from the cast and the director too, this has Christmas present written all over it.

I don’t need a computer, I told the wife. Besides, writing paper and pens are far cheaper. I could write the website freehand, publish it as a magazine even. Distribute it myself via the local news-stands. And with the money I saved there, I could pay the cut price, at the time, of the book – $33.50 (from $50.00), which equates to about £20.00. Oh, and shipping costs. Ah, that’s nothing. In actual currency. It’s a hell of a lot more valuable as a now must-own book.

In reality, I’d get a new laptop eventually. That’s neither here nor there. Christmas 2014, there was a hardback present for me waiting under the tree. A bloody heavy one at that. Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film. Yes, yes, yes. If we were not married, I swear, I would have proposed to my wife once again. Merry Christmas to me.

Four years on, I dig out the book again. It’s still heavy, it’s still magnificent. Might have to watch Boyhood again now (here’s my piece on the film from four years ago). In the meantime, have a look inside Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film. Apologies for the quality of the photos, but you get the idea of the kind of movie magic I am talking about.

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