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Christmas Movie Advent Calendar – Day Ten


While you may scoff at the inclusion of 1994’s The Santa Clause on this list, I am here to defend it. I grew up with Tim Allen on Home Improvement, so I was enthralled to see him become Santa in this comedy about never forgetting to believe in the spirit of Christmas. Allen stars as Scott Calvin (notice the initials), a divorced toymaker with a strained relationship with his young son. On Christmas Eve, he hears a calamity in the middle of the night and interrupts the actual Kris Kringle from doing his job by making him fall off of the roof. Calvin is then forced to literally become Santa Claus—his beard grows at an alarming pace and his gut expands from all the holiday treats he shoves in his face.

Sure, it’s steeped in early 90’s humor and slapstick, but the central message is the best part: you’re never too old to appreciate the season of Christmas. Believing in Santa Claus only enriches the holiday.


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