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Christmas Movie Advent Calendar – Day Twenty

What’s this? What’s this?
There’s color everywhere.
What’s this?
There’s white things in the air.
What’s this?


For many a reason, my mother is not someone I have an interest in film-debating with. “Have you seen XYZ? Did you enjoy it?” is about as deep as it gets. And that’s fine. A recent visit to her house, she was flicking through the Christmas movies section of Now TV, asking what we would like on. The Nightmare Before Christmas stood out like a beacon amidst this animated mediocre and that dull festive comedy romance. Within minutes my mother had switched it off, replacing it with a Martin Freeman voiced animation none of us actually watched. Why did she turned it off? It’s a bit scary for Athena (Nope!) and it was not a Christmas film (Wrong!). The daughter already started watching it days earlier. Hyperthetical head shakes all around.

These days, thankfully I have many a debate with my wife, basically because we’re both film nuts. I catch my wife reading IndieWire much more often than I care too. But yeah, our film-related conversations tend to cross paths into all manner of movie elements. “We should do a podcast.” I say a lot. We haven’t as of yet. Anyway, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a huge favorite of The Greek’s (and her dear Greek BFF back in Athens), who rightly gave me the evil eye when I started watching it with the daughter without her. Shame on me.

In all honesty, though, my four year-old was glued to The Nightmare Before Christmas, asking all sorts of relevant questions while we watched like “Why does her hand fall off?” or “Is he skinny?”. But the good news is she was invested in this Halloween-Christmas holiday classic. The little Greek got distracted somewhere around the mid-point of the movie. Understandable given her age and temperament, sure, but not forgiveable. I kid of course. We’ll have to attempt another viewing soon. I’ll include the wife this time. But the daughter and I share an interest in the movies, which is great. And I haven’t had to shove it down her throat either. Which I was willing to do. So, for many a reason, I’ll have many a film debate with my daughter too. And I can’t wait.



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