Festival de Cannes 70: Oldeuboi, 2004

A sunny shout-out to 70 winners at the Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the 70th event which is just around the corner – in no particular order.


It is difficult to talk about the dynamic filmmakers of Cannes over the years without mentioning a select, special few – and Park Chan-wook is certainly in that illustrious list. Heading to France as a jury member this year, the South Korean writer-director has a hefty filmography shadowing him – including the much fancied The Handmaiden in competition last year. Already honored at the festival, lastly when Thirst won the Jury Prize in 2009, it was the dark, devastating Oldeuboi (Oldboy) in 2004 that won Chan-wook the Grand Prix, a exceptional chapter in his accidental vengeance trilogy – with Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Lady Vengeance. Oldeuboi is both disturbing and brutal, but the energetic style, ridiculously good performances, and the filmmaker’s unbridled talent shines through in abundance. Losing the Palme d’Or to the rather hit-and-miss, now dated documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, seems like an even odder choice as the years roll by.


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