Thomas Pollock’s Film Brief 2016


For me, Paterson was one of the standout films of 2016. It was quiet, poignant and human. Adam Driver gave a performance that I think was easily one of the best of the year and makes me hopeful to see him in future films. He is an incredibly talented actor. I hope more people get to see Paterson for the beautiful work it is, that gives you a calm state of mind- something we all need after what 2016 was as a year.

Dirty Grandpa. Seeing Robert De Niro in another washed up comedy this year was certainly not my cup of tea. Acting alongside Zac Effron, in this one he plays a rude, selfish and unsavoury old man who we are supposed to sympathise with later in the film. It was sad to see De Niro sink so low- a man of incredible talent.

And of course we all know 2016 was a tragic year for the artists we lost across the world, and it is sad to see them all go- some far too soon. However, we can celebrate the work they left behind the impact they have had and lives they have touched. Farewell 2016.


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