Wanted: New Film Writers

I have been writing screenplays, but also writing about films, for as long as I can remember. Write out of L.A. was launched in 2014, publishing all manner of movie coverage, but also intended to document my screenwriting progress – that whole side of my professional life has taken a backseat in the last year. That, and various other reasons, are why I have to hold my hands up finally and admit I can not do this all on my own. Having regular contributors is something I have considered many, many times before. I want to keep what I have built going and build the site into something greater.
So what am I looking for? Film writers. Like the many contributors that have helped create the 100 Films Made By Women series, for example, a passion for film and writing about it is kind of essential. What I must stress is that this is not employment, you will not be paid (as I am not). And on the same note, there are no limits to the amount you contribute, nor is there a commitment or contract to do so. Have a look around the site if you have not already.
Any interest at all, or questions, can be forwarded to me in the following ways:
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Thank you all for your time, and very much look forward to hearing from you.

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