The Enduring Legacy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Every filmmaker hopes their piece of work will go on to become a classic. A film which people watch and discuss for decades to come. Majority of the time, this obviously doesn’t occur. Many films fade from consciousness the minute the credits roll, particularly when they fail at the box office. But every so often, […]

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Altman’s Perfect Farewell Companion

Completed just one year before his passing, the tale of the last days of a long-running public radio show seems rather ironic fodder for Robert Altman’s final film. Originally titled The Last Show, the ailing Altman clearly knew this would very likely be his last contribution to the world of cinema, perhaps wanting A Prairie Home Companion to […]

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This is Your 30s: My Full-Circle Experience With The Big Chill

A few key moments standout from my experiences with the world of cinema as a child. The first time I saw Jaws and refused to go anywhere near the beach for six months. My first trip to the cinema to see The Little Mermaid and instantly falling in love with Disney animation. The moment I discovered Mary Poppins and found my childhood (and […]

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Intolerable Cruelty – an Ode to an Underrated Coen Brothers Classic

Intolerable Cruelty

The idea of an “underrated film” is a fairly subjective notion. We all have movies we personally love that many people do not. That’s the beauty of an art form like cinema. When a certain director (or directors, in this case) has a widely praised filmography, there are always the stand-outs which receive the lion’s […]

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