Au Revoir, Jeanne Moreau

Having recently delved into the cinematic year of wonder that is 1961, it was an easy selection to include the emotive turn from Jeanne Moreau from La Notte in my Actress Lead shortlist. In the same year the French actress made a cheeky cameo in Jean-Luc Godard’s Une Femme est une femme as Jean-Paul Belmondo […]

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Carpe diem: Robin Williams One Year Gone

With a year gone by already since the incredibly sad loss of Robin Williams, how can I not be inspired by his legacy to write poetry, right now, about five of his greatest film performances? Oh if only I had three wishes, there is one that I would hold, As we remember a unique talent, […]

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A Birthday Card For Robin Williams

I generally struggle to write messages in birthday cards, in fact it is not often at all I even go out to buy a birthday card. So how am I supposed to scribble down best wishes to someone who would entertain everyone else in the room at his own birthday party? Born 21st July 21 […]

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