Filmotomy Wants Film Writers *** Unpaid ***

Filmotomy now has the unwavering support of two recently appointed Deputy Editors in Bianca Garner and Steve Schweighofer. As the site continues to grow, the high demand to maintain and expand on the vast content means that Filmotomy now wants to acquire new film writers. Filmotomy is not like the average website reporting on the […]

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Exclusive Interview with Marta Genova from London Feminist Film Festival

Here at Filmotomy, we are keen supporters on female filmmakers, and are all in agreement that women need more opportunity in film. We were giving the exclusive opportunity to speak to London Feminist Film Festival, which is an independent festival set up in 2012, which celebrates feminist films past and present from international women directors. […]

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Midnight Special: How Midnight Cowboy Changed Cinema Forever

Whatever you hear about Midnight Cowboy is true. Official tagline for Midnight Cowboy Writers’ Note: This article does feature some language which some may find offensive, this language is taken from quotations from interviews with the director and should be placed within historical and social context. This is not language that I am comfortable using […]

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Jack Nicholson turns 81

Today we celebrate the 81st birthday of legendary actor Jack Nicholson. Through a magnificent career of great performances and memorable moments make up the catalogue of a storied Hollywood career. Three of my favorite performances come to mind that have cemented themselves as iconic. The first is Nicholson’s role as Jake Gittes in Roman Polanski’s […]

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Last Tango in Paris and the Context of Memory

What started with I am Curious Yellow in the late 60s begat 1971’s challenging jamborees such as A Clockwork Orange, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Ken Russell’s The Devils. 70s auteurs pushed the envelope without remorse – or fear. To experience Last Tango in Paris in the same context in which it first appeared is simply impossible now, but we were ready back then.

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Filmotomy Podcast Episode 24: Cannes NotFix

Welcome to the Filmotomy Podcast Episode 24. In this edition Al hosts once again, and is joined by Daniel and Steve. Now the official selection for Cannes has been announced, they discuss the controversy surrounding the Cannes Film Festival banning Netflix from premiering anymore films at their festival. Have a listen, it’s well worth it. […]

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Festival de Cannes: Meet The Jury

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival runs from May 8-19, and now have their jury of nine ready and waiting for the main competition. The previously announced president of the jury, Australian actress and two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, will be joined by four other women, and four men. Collectively they will decide upon the Palme […]

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Festival de Cannes Update: Additions to Selection Line-up

As expected, there are some film additions to the 71st Cannes Film Festival line-ups. Familiar names Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Lars von Trier will be in Cannes after all. Danish diretor von Trier returns after being banned for his inappropriate comments during a press conference for Melancholia in 2011 – though he will not be […]

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Edgar Wright’s Guide To Opening a Movie

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is nothing if not entertaining. His kinetic style of filmmaking often reflects not only the action sequences, but also the almost wholesome depiction of the everyday characters. People like you or me. Folk we know. Granted, his plot lines involve bank robberies, aliens, zombies, super villains, cults – but in each one is […]

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Beyond the Videodrome: A Celebration of James Woods’ Work

James Woods

If I say I’m the best actor for the part, I mean it and I’m not kidding. James Woods Love him or hate him, there’s no way to ignore actor James Woods. Famously a republican (although he has stressed that he’s not a hard core conservative although check out his Twitter account and be your […]

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Vote: The Greatest Performances of Al Pacino

Al Pacino

So it’s Al Pacino’s birthday next week. We were going to through him a surprise party, but the last time we did that for him he pulled a tantrum when we wouldn’t say hello to his little friend. I told him he was out of order, he then told me I was out of order, […]

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Why Rooney Mara’s Pie Eating Scene Defines A Ghost Story

Rooney Mara

David Lowery’s A Ghost Story was one of 2017’s most divisive films, but there is no denying the power of Rooney Mara’s performance. As it is her birthday today, I have chosen to revisit the film’s most infamous scene. This scene is a total of nearly five minutes long and is a simple one shot, with no editing […]

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Exclusive Interview with Director James Atkins

James Atkins

We here at Filmotomy love supporting indie filmmakers, and we were giving the exclusive opportunity to speak to film director, James Atkins, about his highly amusing short film Bragging Rights. The short film follows three superheroes who happen to be roomies, and get into a bragging match about who has done the most heroic deed, which get more […]

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Charlie Chaplin Birthday Salute: Still Relevant After All These Years

More often than not, art can reach that part of the human psyche impervious to hard news or political posturing. We salute the “little tramp” for his prescience and determination, and post this as an amusingly serious reminder that the world has not evolved all that much in the past 78 years.

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Happy Birthday Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has been a part of my life since my early teenage years. I have a strange love and affection for a man I’ve never met but I feel I’d get along with. His Birthday is today April 15th, and with that said I’d like to take a look back at his wildly successful […]

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A Birthday Toast to Emma Thompson

It’s one thing to have “actor, author, screenwriter, and activist” on one’s resume; its quite another to continue to realize them as competently as Emma Thompson. Well, perhaps “competently” is a bit of an understatement.

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Masterpiece: Milos Forman’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Milos Forman

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest opens and closes with a tranquil setting, open land at near-dark, mountains, that stirring Jack Nitzsche score – emotively both experiences are very different. The brave, sensitive subject matter on show here is still tricky to handle, even today (over forty years on), but the director Milos Forman just […]

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71st Festival de Cannes Film Line-up

As the 71st Cannes Film Festival quickly approaches, the French Riviera is alive with the sound of movies. That is, if you can hear it above the Oohs and Aahs from the proclaimed lack of female directors, the ill-timed Netflix fiasco, early screenings and red carpet selfie halt. The official selection for the 2018 festival […]

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The Brilliance That Is Saoirse Ronan As Hanna Simply Has To Be Experienced Again

Saoirse Ronan is the name at the top of the poster for the 2011 film Hanna. And rightly so. Getting your name ahead of someone like Cate Blanchett on the billing food chain is impressive. And still amazingly seldom for a women. A child. Recent across-the-board successes like Brooklyn and Lady Bird could so easily be […]

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Filmotomy Podcast Episode 23:

The Red Pill

Welcome to episode 23. In this episode, Bee hosts Rob, Jonathan, and Al as we discuss the results of her Twitter poll questions about films of 1999, and then we delve into the documentary The Red Pill from 2016, directed by Cassie Jaye (@Cassie_Jaye) which chronicles her journey into the mysterious and polarizing Men’s Rights […]

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I Am Jack’s Broken Heart: Fight Club Review

Fight Club is an absolute insane movie to try to explain and it’s impact on popular culture at this point is complete. Based off the 1996 book by writer Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club follows a singular narrator played by Edward Norton through corporate life and the drone of existence in modern America. Unable to sleep, […]

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